Podcast Reviews
  • Thank You!

    5 Stars in iTunes by MartinHunt from UK on October 12, 2015 Thank you for producing such an amazing podcast. There are very few resources out there for educators who want to learn more about self motivation.

  • Must spread the word!

    5 Stars in iTunes by Georgette Rowland Osborne from UK on October 12, 2015 A very informative podcast for educators. I am going to send the link to people I know in the profession, they will get so much from this podcast.

  • Very Professional

    5 Stars in iTunes by Flashni from UK on July 25, 2015 This makes a pleasant change. For teachers, this is a fabulous resource. Kelly talks to some very interesting guests and they give insights that will be very helpful to teachers. Keep up the good work, Kelly

  • Wonderful vehicle for sharing good practice

    5 Stars in iTunes by M.a.l.exiou from UK on April 26, 2015 Well done Kelly Long for creating this innovative and invaluable resource. This appeals to all in education, from trainee to SLT. It is so refreshing to learn from others via their own real experiences and for the listener to apply the knowledge and expertise within their own classrooms. It encourages us all to be reflective practitioners, this is simply an excellent way of sharing good practice.

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